1/31 | DIY Geometric Stamped T Shirt

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Did you ever play with sponge stamps when you were a little? Well it is is way more then just an activity to keep kids occupied. Today I am going to show you how you can create this really fun DIY Geometric Stamped T Shirt using that same simple technique!

Here is what you will need to create your own: IMG_0080
– a plain t shirt (gray)
– Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint (available at Michaels)
– a piece of cardboard
– a kitchen sponge
– scissors
Start by placing the piece of cardboard inside of your t shirt and sort of stretching the fabric. This will ensure a clean stamp and prevent the paint from seeping through to the back.

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Using the scissors, cut triangle shapes out of the sponge. I suggest making a variety of shapes and sizes for added interest. IMG_0103
Squirt a small amount of each color of Americana Multi-Surface paint onto a paper plate.
Dip the sponge stamp into the paint making sure to cover the entire surface. Then dab the excess off on the paper plate. IMG_0111
By alternating colors and sizes, create a patterned design on your shirt. I focused my design around the neckline of the shirt but do whatever you think looks best! It is all about expressing yourself!
I really love how this t shirt came out! It is an easy and fun way to revamp that plain old t shirt that has been hanging in your closet forever. The paint from Americana works really well on so many surfaces! It is great for fabric like I used in on for this project, but it can also be used on wood, ceramics, most plastics, glass, metal, you name it, I bet it will work! You will love wearing your creation. When people compliment your shirt, which I know they will, you get to say that you made it!!

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